How do you write a thesis statement about love? In this article, you will be getting tips for writing about thematic statement love so keep reading.

Tips for Writing a Thesis Statement About Love

  1. Conduct the first research

You can write a thesis statement about love from different angles: this could be romantic, platonic, love between family, love as a sacrifice, etc. Whichever angle you choose to write from, make sure to read previously written works on the subject first.

  1. Write a proposal

The information you get from your first research will help you to draft a proposal for your thesis statement. When you write a proposal, the dominant tense to use is the present future tense. This is because a proposal tells the reader what you intend to do rather than what you have done.

  1. Conduct a second research

After your proposal has been approved, the next thing to do is conduct another research. This second research will be more in-depth than the first because you will need to show the results of your work. However, you can still use the information you have in your proposal to write your thesis.

  1. Structure your work

To make your thesis come together, it will need a structure. This structure comprises chapters such as the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, the results and discussion, and the conclusion.

How to Write a Thematic Statement About Love

  1. Understand the literature

If you do not understand the literature first, there is no way you will be able to write a good thematic statement about it. So, make sure you focus on core things like the story’s plot, the characters, the writing style, among others.

  1. Be original

When writing a thematic statement love, try to use your own words as much as possible. Now, using your own words does not mean you should try to distort the message of the literary work for which you are writing your thematic statement. Try to use your words but make sure you maintain the message that the author was trying to pass across.

  1. Avoid cliches

When writing a thematic statement, do not write like this:

“The theme of this novel is pride and prejudice.”

Rather, write:

“Pride and prejudice play a crucial role in the human response to certain situations in this novel.”

  1. Edit

After writing your thematic statement, make sure you edit for any mistakes. Rephrase any confusing words and also check for spelling errors.

Examples of Good and Bad Thematic Statement About Love

Theme: Love and other emotions

Bad Thematic Statement: Love is the predominant theme in this novel.

Good Thematic Statement: Love is stronger than anger, hate, and other painful emotions.

Theme: Family Love

Bad Thematic Statement: Love is strong in the family.

Good Thematic Statement: Love is what keeps the family together even after many fights and arguments.


With these tips, you do not have to worry about writing a thematic statement about love. Just put these tips to work and you will be able to write a successful thematic statement.

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